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Making a multilingual interactive business card


I recently decided to try and code myself a business card, as I'd like some (and it sounds like a fun project to have a go at).

I ended up coding it to contain a QR code for the interactive functionality, a dropup? (dropdown) box for different languages, with the ones I have some proficiency in highlighted in varying shades of blue (darker = more proficient) as the email address to email me, as well as an obligatory name and job title.

You'll also notice in the part of the QR code which I left in, it contains a robot sitting at a desk using a computer as part of the QR code (and yes it still scans when the whole code is there), I used stable diffusion with a QR code filter to generate it. I'm not usually the biggest fan of AI for Art, but I think this is a cool and unique use case that it enables.

Conor's Blog

Why didn't I give the full code? I want the full page to be for people who physically receive a card from me (although if you really want to play around with it, you might be able to guess the URL or you can always just email me and ask).

As you'll see (unsurprisingly) English is my most proficient language, being my native tongue. I've been doing French via Duolingo, Toucan & watching media for around 1 year and a half now (J'apprends le français depuis un an et demi), I've learned Dutch for about a month as I recently went to the Netherlands on a trip and didn't want to be totally clueless. Finally, I've lived in Scotland most of my life but still know shamefully little Gaelic (although at least it's more than zero).

Conor's Blog

Here's the digital copy, and you might be asking "Where's the interactivity?", well I'm so glad you asked dear rhetorical reader. The interactivity comes alive when the user's browser is configured to use a language other than English (that is also in the list above), or the user manually selects it from the list.

Conor's Blog Et voilà! Ma carte de visite est écrite en français!

As you can see, now all the elements that can be translated are now in the correct language for the viewer. I think this adds a cool touch since I like learning languages for fun, although obviously it can't be as cool in the physical form (unless I were to use E-Ink screens and some input device, but that'd get very costly very quickly).

Anyhow thanks for stopping by and checking out my latest creation.

Have a wonderful day.

~ Conor

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